What is itEdit

OP means overpowering. This is when you give your god too many powers, or give them powers that will guarantee them a win in a fight.

Why we don't use itEdit

Where would the fun be if we were all like "zap, you're dead 'cause I hit you with lightning that can’t be dodged."

How To Avoid ItEdit

Weaken your CharactersEdit

Give your character some weaknesses, and ways of being defeated that are not secret. I.E. don’t make the only way to injure them is saying their name backwards.

Give them Related PowersEdit

If your god is a wind god, give them powers that actually involve using wind, I.E. Flight, tornado creation, not heat waves.

Don’t Give Vague PowersEdit

Do not say my character can control all elements of nature, give some boundaries, IE _____ can control the elements of nature based on the season, _______ can use hydro and cryokinesis in the winter, but can use geokinesis in spring.

Elemental ChartEdit

This chart can be referred to for the weaknesses and strengths of a certain element.


Strong Against

Weak against



Wind, plants, animals

Water, earth

Ice, Lightning


Fire, earth

Lightning, Ice, and Plants

Wind, animals


Earth, plant

Fire, Animal, Ice

Water, Lightning


Fire, Lightning

Water, Ice and Wind

Animal, plants


Wind, water, plant, Earth

Lightning, animal



Water, Ice, Animal

Earth, Plant

Fire, Wind


Lightning, Water

Wind, Fire, Ice, Animal



Plant, Ice, Wind

Fire, Lightning

Water, Wind

  • Please note that the elements are the most basic of the primal elements, if you are god of an element not listed please contact an Admin. for your exclusive list of strengths and weaknesses.
  • We ask that a god not have more than one or two primal elements to prevent OPing. If you are a god of storms or something that has multiple elements will be given weakened versions of all necessary elements.