Ever since the Earth was created the male Lava Deity, Sharnite had always hidden at the center of the Earth. Eventualy, just as humans appeared in Africa, he rose from the depths to found the beautiful Deity of the Night, Nýchta. The fell instantly in love and had a child. The their daughter, Dimma the goddess of Darkness, Secrets, Bows and Rams. Dimma was highly intelegent but was an outcast, shadowed by her mother who was the original night goddess. A second child was born, again to be uder the shadow of his parents. This child was called Shairn and was the god of Fire, Flight, Spears and Birds although he has satyr/goat legs. These 2 children enraged at being, in the eyes of the primative yet now evolved humans, overshadowed by their parents. These children joined forces to defeat their gloatfull parent but not before they had their final child. This child was born a few seconds before it's mother was murdered by it's brother and sister. The 2 older siblings couldn't bring themselves to kill it so raised it as a brother. This, the youngest child, was called Pagoxifos and was the god of Ice, Transformations, Swords and Snakes. Pagoxifos was born with a snake tail and is a mute (can't speak). These 3 gods became the 3 leaders of the new reformed Pantheon.

Over time, these 3 gods had many children and formed The Counsil of Elements. This counsil was for all the gods/goddesses that control the major elements of this world. The 3 oldest siblings remained in power and still do to this very day


  • Shairn - High King of the Gods, God of Fire, Flight, Spears and Birds - Needs Owner
  • Dimma - Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Darkness, Secrets, Bows and Rams - Son.Of.Khione
  • Pagoxifos - King of the Gods, God of Ice, Transformations, Swords and Snakes - Son.Of.Khione
Other gods are WIP
  • Shairn - High King of the Gods
  • Dimma - Queen of the Gods - Wife of Pagoxifos
  • Pagoxifos - King of the Gods - Husand of Dimma


The idealogy of Normandos exypnos is that wisdom, violence and peace go hand in hand. Those more charismatic gods often journey into the mortal realm to sire children of there own to be acheive the greatest level possible to achieve, as a depiction of what mortals should strive to become. You will find members of this pantheon taking in famous sites, intervening in politics or soaking up information from a libary. Normandos expnos is a very passive pantheon, yet there is always a god on the mortal plane somewhere. The members of his Pantheon strive to further man-kind and advance the world.