Etiam Fringilla has been for as long as mankind first crawled out of the primordial ooze and began to do battle. It began with Santis, God of the Rod/Staff. and his Wife Lazel, Goddess of Primal Warfare. As time went on, they began to notice how their "Love" for each other would effect the advancement of the humans' means of warfare. This soon lead to the birth of their first son, Cryptus, the god of the Staff and Genetic Warfare. He was quite the idealist, and highly innovative in the use of his powers. He used his powers over primal forces to create his own army, manipulating their genetics to make them superior in combat to humans, naming them Cryptids after himself. Initally, his parents were amazing an impressed with his innovation, then with the birth of the twins Altairus and Zoltorus, gods of the Sword and Shield respectively, he was quickly overshadowed by the gifts to mankind the two provided to warfare, quickly making humans more adept in battle, eventually leading to them ruling over the Cryptids. Shamed and angry,Cryptus left his family behind to begin his own kingdom.

Over time, Santis and Lazel gave birth to several other gods/goddesses, and soon, Altairus quickly proved himself to be significantly more powerful than most of his siblings, bordering on level with his parents. However over time, Santis and Lazel lost interest in the affairs of the mortals, much to Altairus' chagrin. This being the case, he took his place as the King of the Pantheon.


  • Altairus, God of the Sword and Swordfighting. King of the gods
  • Cryptus, God of the Staff and Genetic Warfare.
  • Zoltorus, God of the Shield and the Phalanx
  • Archlea, Goddess of the Bow and Ranged Combat
  • Marcriss, God of the Dagger and Guerilla Warfare. Son of Altairus and Lazel
  • Mazai, Goddess of the Whip and Stealth. Twin sister of Marcriss
  • Chlortho, God of the Gun and Modern Warfare


Etiam Fringilla is concerned mainly in the advancement and preservation of warfare and combative flare and style. They often go amongst the mortals to sire demigods to serve as examples of the "Perfect warrior" for mortals to live up to. Also, they often hide themselves amongst many militias and militaries to manually turn the tides of wars as well as to keep alive the memory and method of ancient styles of combat. Their actions are also known to directly effect the advancement of mortals sense of war and brings about new means of war, including the creation fo weapons and drafts of tactics and strategy.

"Beware the man that hunts monsters, for that he might become one"- Lott-Lotto 22:54, September 26, 2011 (UTC)