Agalia is goddess of royalty and beauty. Agalia was born from 2 minor god and goddesses. She was carried to Olympus in a pink cradle carried by the messenger god. The ruler of Olympus didn't want Agalia to be near because of the raise of the monsters and titans,so he sent her to the mortal world.Agalia had good grades and never got in trouble she ruled the whole school and became Miss Popular.Once when she was going over to her friend,Dianna's house. She saw a flash of light and Dianna came out she had long claws hair that went crazy ,and red eyes. She had became a fury.The King Of Olympus came and rescued her and told her that she was a goddess and than he sent her to Olympus and trained her to fight


`to be popular

`to change clothing

`to tell monsters what to do


Agalia in a model show